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About Port 25 by Jenna on April 01, 2010 12:56AM

Welcome to Port 25, Canada’s home for communications from the Open Source Community at Microsoft!

This blog is the voice of a team of three who are enthusiastic about a few major things: Open Source lab developments, Microsoft Open Source, and the movement towards open data. We’re especially excited about the progress of these in Canada.

We’re working with a number of local communities including PHPQuebec, PHUG Open Source Culture, Tiki Wiki, ImpressCMS, and W3 Quebec to showcase local innovation and contribute to new developments. If you’re looking to showcase a web app, FTW! Coding Competition is a cool way to get some widespread recognition.

You’ll find you’ll be seeing us at many local events, including the recent WordCamp TO, WordCamp Montreal, Confoo, and Montreal Open Source Week. Drop by and chat with us, because we love hearing about what you do and how we can contribute.

So what will you find at Port 25?

• Blogs about our interoperability initiatives and how you can get involved
• News about cool, new interoperable tools and software
• Discussion around open source technology: what works, what doesn’t, the benefits, the shortcomings, personal challenges, and anything else relevant that is on your mind
• Relevant Microsoft projects that we’re sure you’ll think are cool, too

Please comment, with a few things in mind:
• Open-mind - We’re excited to hear and discuss your constructive ideas. We hope you’ll also take this opportunity to listen what the community is saying and work with us to break down negative stereotypes.
• Open-door - Change takes a while, but we’re committed. The address won’t change and our door will always be open to you.
• Open-learning - From you, we hope to learn and grow so that we can all work better together. Please don’t hesitate to share what you know so we all have the opportunity to develop from each other.

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas; see you soon @ Port 25!

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